Verify FSMB Certified Documents

The FSMB certifies that the document uploaded below:

  • carries a valid digital signature issued by the FSMB
  • has not been modified
  • has not been revoked

This document carries a valid signature from the FSMB, has not been modified and its certification has not been revoked.
This document was not issued by the FSMB or has been modified. Do NOT accept this document.
This document has been revoked by the FSMB. Do NOT accept this document. Please contact us to obtain an updated document.
There was an error in processing this document. If you continue to receive this error, please contact us.
The document must be a PDF document.

The Federation of State Medical Boards has introduced a new digital certification service for physicians. Each document includes a digital certificate that ensures its authenticity.

Program verification documents issued by the Federation of State Medical Boards and viewed using Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe® Reader include a digital certification. This digital certification will appear in a pop-up or status bar on the document, and will display a blue ribbon indicating that the document was certified by the Federation of State Medical Boards through a valid certificate issued by GlobalSign®. This document certification can be validated by clicking on the Signature Properties panel in the document.


A digitally certified document is a PDF document that includes a digital certificate indicating that the document was issued by the FSMB and has not been modified or altered. The FSMB’s digital certificate is issued by GlobalSign, an industry leader in managing verified digital identities and secure online communications, and indicates that any document with this certificate is authentic.
Yes. The FSMB issues digitally certified documents to physicians when they require verification of their education for licensing and credentialing. By uploading the document above, you can ensure that the document was issued by the FSMB, is valid and has not been altered.
When you open a PDF document that contains a digital certificate, a colored banner will appear across the top. This banner indicates the status of the certificate and whether or not it can be trusted. You may see a pop-up from Adobe asking if you would like to update the document’s trusted list. This is recommended as the list of certifying authorities that Adobe trusts changes as new organizations are added and others are removed.
If prompted by Adobe, you should validate the document’s signature. This allows Adobe to validate that the certificate is trusted and has not been revoked, and that the document has not been modified since it was signed.
As part of the digital certification process, the document’s contents are encrypted and certified. When you validate the document signature in the PDF, the document is re-verified to ensure that it was not modified.